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“The goal of the Ritchie County   Primary Care Association is to insure that all residents in the service area have access to quality health care on a non-discriminatory basis regardless of race, color, sex, creed, disability, national origin or ability to pay.”










About our Center... 

We are a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) located in Harrisville in the former Harrisville High School.  We have been here since December of 1996 and have evolved into a high quality health care facility.

 Federally qualified means that we follow program expectations set forth by the federal government.  There are two types; FQHC Look-a-Like, which meets all these expectations or rules; and an actual FQHC, which meets all the rules and expectation plus, through a lengthy and rigorous application process, is awarded a set amount of  federal money to offset the reductions we accept to make health care affordable for everyone.  We started as an FQHC Look-a-Like and in November of 2002, successfully endured the application process and became a full FQHC.  Since beginning in 1996, we have worked hard to learn and improve what services are important to our community and have become a highly qualified facility second to none.

 Through a presidential initiative 40 years ago, a health center movement began.  Since then, it has gotten bigger and better.  Through the years, health centers like ours have served over 15 million people.  The patients we see include all people who face barriers in accessing services because they have difficulty paying for services, because they have language or cultural differences, or because there is an insufficient number of health professionals/resources available in their community. 

We serve everyone.  We supply quality health care and have programs to benefit everyone in the community.






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